This Campaign is About You and Your Justice System

The people of Brookhaven deserve an experienced, effective and highly qualified judge who follows the law, upholds the constitution and protects our communities.

Judge Stephen Ukeiley has been strengthening our justice system on so many levels since he took the bench in 2009.

He addresses the abuse of young women and children forced into the sex trade as the presiding judge in Suffolk County's Human Trafficking Court, one of only 11 such courts in New York State.

As a jurist, he has presided over 60,000 cases to completion. He comes from a family of teachers and serves as law professor at two academic institutions.
"Our students are gaining exceptional experience learning from Judge Ukeiley both in the courtroom and the classroom."
Myra Berman, Associate Dean of Experiential Learning, Touro Law Center
He has published two books on the law, the most recent of which is being distributed to over 1,200 courts in New York State by the Office of Court Administration. The educational branch of the Office of Court Administration chose him to tour New York State to educate over 2,000 Judges on how to improve their courtrooms.